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House of  Sala Kaeo Ku - buddha sculpture garden
  Sala Kaeo Ku - Tavalai Garden
Sala KaeoKu - Nong Khai ,Thailand

Amazing !!! Big ! Garden, Buddha Sculptures .
3 Km. from Nong Khai provinceThailand.
Salakaeo ku. The comerce Buddist of Nong Khai .
Sala kaeo ku is a place for practice of buddist or the adherance of the buddist.
There are excited sculptures to vistors full all the court.
The sculpture are goddesses depicting Buddhist many style.
*** Sala Kaeo Ku is strange staues of Pu Boon Lua Su Ree Rat, who leader the descedants, followers and relative in Buddist.
... To pool efforts with believe building sculptures for posterity.
... To study and practicable doctrine of Buddha.
... Sala Kaeo Ku is Pu Boon Lua is second garden of statues depicting Bundhist. But the first is in Ban chiang kawn, The Dua city, Vientien is Laos. which in front of Nong Khai town.
... When change governments,then he come to build this garden.

* Pu Boonlua Sureerat *
...Pu Boonlua
disapproved himself of sexual contact with men and wowen in general. He felt sorry for people who had married as husband and wife.
... He was overcome with the surrounding sin and karma. He would stay pure, cleanse, remain unsinful and unkarma for the rest of his life. He would donate his energy, kindness and knowledge if it helped his friend, men and religion for all born, old and died.
... He put all his money, energy, heart and soul to build Sala KaeoKu plus the money people donate. If anyone hasn't yet seen Sala KaeoKu, please come and see for yourselves. Sala KaeoKu is for everyone to visit.

...Pu Boonlua Surerat was the son of Mr.Khammanh and Mrs.Thongya Surerat . They lived in the area of Watt Sisagate, province of Nong Khai (Thailand). There were nine children in the family. Pou Boonlua was number eight.
The death body of  Pu Boon Lua is still in the third of  Sala Kaeo Ku.
...Pu Boon Lua isn't weare the other robe head shaved like general monk. But Pu Boon Lua is a religious man religious in enlightenment and tranquility, to conduct oneself like monk.
... Then the people must believe and respect like Buddist priest.

...Pu Boonlua Sureerat ,
He was born on saturday, seventh of june of 1932 A.D.
He died on saturday, tenth of august of 1996 A.D.

...That that death body's Pu keeped on the third to pursue before dead. If I died don't injection, burn and inter, but take the grass casket cover.
...The death body of Pu Boon Lua is still in the third of Sala Kaeo Ku.
Pu Boonlua Sureerat , in Sala KaeoKu
... For the visitor humble and worship forever.

...Except the sculpture. In the house of Sala Kaeo Ku consist with antiques, Buddha's treasure. Pu Boon Lua carry with from Laos so many piece in the first and the second.
Tavalai Shiva God - sala kaeoku
...Amazing Big ! Tavalai Shiva God Sculpture -Sala KaeoKu
Amazing Sala Kaeo Ku Thaialnd
Amazing Sala Kaeo Ku - Thailand

...Pamaound matavee Arvathon disguised as a devil "Kave" came to stop Soundkan Masound Yeak and Pasivatha story SoundtouryPu.

Sala KaeoKu - Amazing in Thailand !

Sala Kaeo Ku Amazing in Thailand !!!

Amazing ! Big ! Garden Buddha Sculptures .

Prince Siddhartha and the charioteer
...Prince Siddhartha and the charioteer ride the horse Kanthaka, leave the city of Kapilvastu, cross the Anoma river and start a homeless life.
...Cutting off his hair, shaving off his beard, the Prince instructs Dunpa to return to the palace with his garments, ornaments and precious sword.
....( At age 29, Prince Siddhartha renounced his royal lifestyle and left his kingdom to go out and search for the meaning of life and the causes of human suffering. He ordained his life to this important cause and thus was the beginning of his great search that encountered many dangerous obstacles to achieve his life purpose for humankind.)
เทวาลัย พระสิทธัตถะ บำเพ็ญเพียร
...Prince Siddhartha in his six years of continuous practicing all forms of severe austerity.
... The future Buddha made the great struggle and his body became emaciated
...Deciding to follow the Middle Path, the Prince abandones ascetic life and accepts a bowl of milk-rice offered by Gamo and Gatopma.
( ... Lady name Sujaataa. She had taken a vow to the Deva whom she believed lived in this tree, and had prayed for a good son. On having her prayer answered, she prepared a dish of milk rice and went to the tree to offer it to the Deva. On seeing the ascetic so calm and beautiful she offered it to Him, thinking that He was the Deva.)

Tavalai - Buddha “Haam Yaat”
Tavalai - In Buddhism, People have their own Buddha Images according to the date they were born. The “Haam Yaat” position of this Buddha image is for people who were born on Mondays. Buddhists worship these images and base their hopes upon them when they have to face obstacles.

Tavalai - Indra God , Brahma God and Yama God Tavalai

Indra God , Brahma God and
Yama God
Kaya Nakorn - Kaya City
Kaya Nakorn - Kaya City

Kaya Nakorn - Kaya City
Sala Kaeo Ku Thailand
Cleric Jittarach
Tavalai - Cleric Jittarach

Tavalai - Peangya A like
...Tavalai Peangya A like the daughter of Phayanna (Naga). The history of eysain Maekong River and Phamaoun Matavee was the next episode of another Arvathon.

8 km. From Sala Kaeo Ku - THAILAND , You Can Travel to LAOS

Sala KaeoKu - Nong Khai ,
Amazing Big !!! Garden of Buddha Sculptures , Tavalai Garden .
Salakaeo ku. The comerce Buddist of Nong Khai province, Thailand.

Sala kaeoKu ,
3 Km. from Nong Khai province,Thailand.
Tavalai - The Buddha meditating and guarded by seven-headed Naga.
Tavalai - The Buddha meditating and guarded by seven-headed Naga. !
Amazing Big ! Buddha Sculpture - Amazing in Thailand !
Amazing Big !
Buddha Sculpture
Amazing in Thailand !
The Buddha was born at Lumbini Garden.
...Queen Mahaa Maayaa decided to visit her mother so that she could be with her at the time of the birth of her baby. On the way she stopped at the Lumbini Pleasure Garden to rest.
... The Buddha was born at Lumbini Garden. ...The baby Prince took seven steps, and a lotus flower burst through the ground to receive His feet.
Beautiful view in Sala Kaeo Ku
Tavalai - The Buddha meditating and guarded by seven-headed Naga.
The Buddha meditating and guarded by seven-headed Naga.
... Naga is the great Protector of Buddha. Naga is a large seven headed snake the opens up to cover Buddha and protect him from the storm and from evil forces.
Tavalai - Band of five disciples
...The Buddha preaching the sermon "the wheel of law" to the "Band of five disciples"
...The compassionate Gotama Buddha decided that He should teach His new-found knowledge to mankind so that they too could defeat the cycle of birth and death.
Tavalai - buddha teaching Angulimala
Tavalai - Buddha teaching Angulimala
... Angulimala - The robber who became saint
... Conversion by the Buddha of Angulimala, a robber of the forest
Tavalai - Guan Yin (Kuan Yin ,Kwan Yin) Goddess
Tavalai - Guan Yin (Kuan Yin ,Kwan Yin) Goddess, Goddess of Mercy
Bodhisattva Guan Yin as the deity of kindness and compassion for all beings.
Hanuman in Sala Kaeoku Thaialnd
Tavalai - Hanuman
The monkey warrior who leads an army against the evil Totsakan to rescue Sita, the wife of Prince Rama, in the story of the Ramakien. He is a magical, mischievous creature, always up to tricks and hence one of the most popular and best known characters in the Ramakien.
Tavalai - Ganesh God
Tavalai - Ganesh God
... During Ganesh's topknot ceremony, Shiva was supposed to cut the child's hair. Rahu, mythical god of darkness, who was not invited, took revenge by blowing a strong wind. Due to the strong wind, Shiva's knife cut the head instead of the topknot. The Buddha helps to fix an elephant head on the beheaded body.
... Ganesh is often linked to the field of arts. Craftsmen would invoke Ganesh before embarking on a delicate process like stone carving. He is also believed to be the god of good fortune, and revered by businessmen who wish for success in their ventures. ... Ganesh rides a mouse.
Tavalai - Shiva God
Tavalai - Shiva God , Shiva's most familiar representation is the lingam or phallus. The phallus is the symbol of fertility and life.
Amazing in Sala KaeoKu
Amazing in Sala KaeoKu
Tavalai - Cleric Jittarach
View in Sala kaeo ku - Thailand
View in Sala kaeo ku - Thailand
Sala KaeoKu - Thaialnd
Sala Kaeo Ku - Thailand
The giant toad caught the moon with his long legs.
Tavalai - The giant toad caught the moon with his long legs. On the full moon day !
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